"And he shall reign over
the house of Jacob forever"
(Luke 1:33)

The House of Jacob

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Brothers and Sisters, Please Invite Your Friends and Family To Come Check Out Black History According To The Bible Starting February 4

The House of Jacob Bible Study Class Presents
Black History According To The Bible
Part 1. 2/4
The True Israelite Is A Dark Skinned Race Of People.
Part 2. 2/11
Israel. Chosen By God To Minister His Word.
Part 3. 2/18
True Israel. Punished Because Of Their Sins.
Part 4. 2/25
The Death And Resurrection Of The Nation Of Israel.


Sabbath Lesson  2/04/2017

The True Israelites Are A Dark Skinned Race Of People

Teacher: Daniel

Class Begins at 1:00pm (CST)

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Welcome brothers and sisters to The House of Jacob Bible Study Class.


Our mission is to teach the uncompromised Word of GOD 

via the Old and New Testaments. 

We observe The Lord's Ten Commandments which 

include the Sabbath day (7th Day)[Exodus 20].


We observe The Lord's annual Feast Days [Leviticus 23].  We observe The Lord's Dietary and Cleanliness laws [Leviticus 11, Leviticus 15]. 


Also, we thank GOD for the sacrifice of HIS Beloved Son JESUS and the grace given to us by that sacrifice [Romans 5:21].

      Finally, and most importantly, we teach that salvation is open to all the families of the earth who repent, fear God, Keep His commandments and come under the grace given through Jesus the Messiah [Isaiah 56:1-7].

     Our website is here to connect with like minded people worldwide wanting to study the UNCUT Word of God with us. We invite you to stay connected with us through our LIVE bible classes each Sabbath day (7th day) and feel free to continue to connect with each other. 



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