"And he shall reign over
the house of Jacob forever"
(Luke 1:33)


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Highlighted Lessons

Lesson: Beware of Evil Spirits

The Holy Ghost, The Messenger and The Message

Lesson: Pagan Doctrine Taught by Roman Christianity

Lesson: Covenants of Salvation

Lesson: The Stone The Builders Rejected

Lesson: Western Europe and Jerusalem in Prophecy

Lesson: Salvation Only Through Obedience

Lesson:  The LORD'S Passover

Lesson: Mystery, Babylon the Great.
Lesson: JESUS, From GOD, to man, to the Son Of GOD

More Lessons

Lesson: Every Man Will Be Rewarded For His Works.

Lesson: Angels Good And Evil All Subject To GOD

Lesson: Two Sets of Laws

Lesson: Servants of GOD Persecuted Because of Religious Beliefs

Lesson: Shepherds are to Feed The Flock and Not Themselves.

Lesson: The New Covenant: Does It Do Away With The Law Or Make It Binding

Lesson: Circumcision of The Heart And Flesh

Lesson: The Judgement of GOD: Good and Evil

Lesson: The Levitical Priesthood A Type of Christ's Priesthood

Lesson:  Israel Not Ismael